Rajarshri Shahu Chhatrapati Institute of Pharmacy


Quality of education reflects in the form of result. Since last decade the result of students are increasing per year. The students are well moulded and boosted with extra guidance and Vitamins like ‘Mentoring of students’, Unit tests & practices. The students are well encouraged to create interest to receive fruit full results. Extra efforts are taken to improve score of students in sessional exams.

ACADEMIC YEAR Year 2011-12 Year 2012-13 Year 2013-14 Year 2014-15 Year 2015-16
D. Pharm. 68.18% 30.18% 58.33% 77.04% 69.00%

Result of Summer 2017

1st Year

No. of Students Appeared 57
No. of Students passed 24
Students with A.T.K.T. 12
No. of Students Failed 21
Total % of passing 63.15%

Result of Summer 2017

2nd Year

No. of Students Appeared 47
No. of Students Passed 36
No. of Students Failed 11
Total % of Passing 76.59%

Congratulations to all Successful Candidates.

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Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan

Chh. Shahu Maharaj Kolhapur

Late Shri. Shripatrao Bondre Shri. Vijayarao Shripatrao Bondre Hon. Secretary Shri Mansing Vijayrao Bondre Hon. Chairman
Academic Monitoring for Year 2014 15
Academic Monitoring for Year 2015 16
Academic Monitoring for Year 2016 -